Objectives and Goals of Psychiatric and Maternity Hospitals

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In accordance with population health principles established by WHO in 1978,(Para 4 Declaration of Alma-Ata) people have the right and duty to participate individually and collectively in the planning and implementation of their health care. In furtherance of these principles and as a result of an analysis in 1979 of St. Joseph’s Psychiatric Hospital and St. Munchin’s Maternity Hospital, both of Limerick, Ireland, the following conclusions in relation to the objectives and goals of the hospitals studied were indicated in Chapter 8 (page 46: 7.4.6) of the 1979 study as follows:

The principal aim of the psychiatric hospital is to restore to the community as many patients as possible. For those who cannot be restored to the community the aim is to provide for them as full and happy a life as their disabilities permit.

In the maternity hospital the major function is to ensure the safe delivery of mother and child and the discharge of both to the community in optimum health.

The principal aims noted above imply sub-aims for the patients and a relationship with the community.

Education of the expectant and delivered mother in relation to the processes of foetal and infant development and of childbirth such that she will be actively involved in ensuring the health of herself and child is another objective.

Education of psychiatric patients in social skills and of the public on attitudes and responses to mental illness is a further objective of the psychiatric hospital. This involves ensuring an appropriate liaison between community care personnel, voluntary organizations and patients’ families.

Within both hospitals there are objectives with regard to effective management of the services and with ensuring the fulfilment of the human resource requirements and the associated collaborative contribution of all staff.


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