On Caring for Our Common Home: Who Will Answer?

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By Fred O’Brien, Founding Director (1986) and HonVice President (Ireland),International Federation of Environmental Health


I had the honour and privilege of presenting the paper: Internal Displacement: A Global Environmental Health Challenge at the meeting of the European Federation of Environmental Health (EFEH), Golden Tulip Vivaldi Hotel, St. Julians, Malta, on October 25, 2008.  See pages 7 to 9 

The presentation outlined the story of some 26 million people worldwide – real people – a great many of whom had  been denied physical security and integrity, the basic necessities of life, economic, social and cultural needs and lived under environmental conditions destructive to human life. Below is a contemporaneous account of the content and comments and of the feed-back received  then, some eight and a half years ago!

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