Help Me find the Nurse who Saved my Life

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My life was saved at Heuston Station, Dublin on September 28, 2015 by an Australian nurse, then working at one of the 2 Mater hospitals on Eccles St. Dublin. Despite much effort I have been unable to determine her name, contact her and to thank her in person. I dedicate my poem below to her and to all in the emergency response services, and to all of our hospital personnel, regardless of status. The Nutgrove ambulance and the Phibsborough fire-truck teams responded to the 4:54pm emergency call from Heuston station on that busy afternoon.


Reach for the skies, up she goes!

With gusto in it, beauty shows.

Stretch the boundaries, barriers break.

Shoot for heaven, shackles shake.

Back flip, pike, somersault,

Hand stand, inward, swallow.

Take the board and shoot aloft,

Faith will bring the morrow.


I continue to dive in Kilkee and to encourage youth to have confidence as they learn to dive and face life’s challenges. I am truly grateful that I can still dive at 75!

Please help me to find my hero and encourage all to protect and welcome those in distress..


Fred O’Brien

2 The Cloisters, Kilkee, County Clare, Ireland